Our Approach

We use a 5-step approach to deliver the right training solution for your company. This approach ensures that you realize the best return on your training investment.


First, our Subject Matter Experts and Instructional Designers evaluate your business’ processes, communications challenges or competencies gaps to affirm training goals are correctly stated, that inputs and outputs are measurable; and, that the resulted solution will deliver the expected corporate benefit.

This process can and has helped organizations redefine your training program, and create employee incentives for increased engagement. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you develop and refine your Learning and Development programs and ensure compliance where needed.

Canadian Training Company proposes a comprehensive learning solution, which can be delivered through a variety of learning methods that best align to your organization’s specific needs. Throughout the training, participants are surveyed to confirm the curriculumĀ is real-world appropriate and CTC measures the results every step of the way.

Training is a critical part of your company’s performance but it doesn’t start or end there. CTC’s 5-step approach reflects our commitment to supporting your organization.