Benefits To Gain From Blended Learning In The Workplace

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Blended learning is one of the most effective training solutions that is gaining a lot of attention among top tier organizations and thought leaders in learning and development. As with all industries, with new technology comes new practices. Combining the already successful onsite instructor-led training format with new online courses will give your employees an invaluable learning experience. Blended learning is certainly a game changer.

A blended learning solution will offer your employees the ability to access both online and offline training. This new form of training solution gives companies and their employees more control over when, where and how their teams can learn.  

A hybrid learning program helps your company cater to the various learning styles of your team. These learning solutions are designed to help your employees reach learning objectives at a pace that suits them. In other words, you can enjoy the benefits of both training formats without any limitations.

Benefits Of Blended Learning As Part Of Company Training

There are many benefits that your company can receive from adopting a training solution with mixed learning techniques. From an increase in your employee engagements levels, reduced employee churn and even boosted performance levels.

Still unsure about choosing a blended training solution? These top 4 benefits are sure to change your mind.

Makes Skill Training More Efficient

Hybrid learning solutions give your company the best of both worlds. This style of training allows your team to learn at their own pace and get the support that they need. It has also been known to help your employees improve knowledge retention.

According to the American Society of Training and Development, up to 90% of the skills learned during training can be lost. Blended training solutions prevent this. With access to training content online, your employees are not only able to remember learned skills more effectively, but they can also apply it to daily work tasks more easily. This is why blended learning is a more efficient training solution for your company.

Saves Company Time And Money

Blended solutions can also help your company to save on time and financial resources. When part of employee training can be carried out online, it can ensure that your company adequately schedules employee training without affecting your business’ day-to-day operations.

Also, choosing a blended solution for company training will allow your company to create the perfect mix between face-to-face onsite training and online learning. This will inevitably help your business save on training costs overall.

Better At Engaging Employees

Blended learning content can be digested in many different forms including visual, video or even as gamified courses. This kind of training is much more effective, engaging and fun for your employees.

When training content is delivered in a fun and engaging way, it can help your employees consume and retain information more easily. Using this form of blended content along with valuable onsite training will be much more personal for your company.

Engaging training solutions help your team to gain many benefits and ultimately become more productive.

Enhances Employees’ Soft Skills

Blended training solutions will also help your employees  improve their soft skills. Every business owner knows how important an employee’s soft skills are in the workplace. Whether in terms of communication or leadership skills, it is important to give your employees the opportunity to also develop these skills. This is important as soft skills are vital for completing many daily tasks such as collaborating on projects, interacting at meetings or even something as simple as performing email etiquette.

Blended training is a hybrid learning solution that will allow teams to develop and improve essential competencies. And the best part? Your employees can learn both face-to-face with an instructor and from the comfort of their own laptop or smartphone.

Effective Training At Its Best

Company training is vital for the development of your employees. That is why you need to consider what form of training is best for your company.

A hybrid learning solution is advantageous for many different reasons, including employee engagement and boosted performance levels. More importantly, it will lead to the upskilling and happiness of your teams.

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with Training Company today to find out more about what kind of training solution is right for you.