TC is a full-service training company, offering a wide-range of learning & development (L&D) services for all sizes of organizations.

What We Do

Training Company is dedicated to supporting ongoing, sustainable learning & development and can serve as your outsourced Learning & Development department.

Clients are provided with

1) the sourcing and production of educational content, both off-the-shelf and custom developed;

2) access to a feature-rich, award-winning enterprise-level LMS platform to support ongoing learning and development;

3) and the option of engaging TC as fully-outsourced, L&D managed service provider.

Learning & Training Programs:

Training Company offers to create blended training programs for organizations seeking to ”upskill” their employee groups.

Custom-designed learning & development programs: Training Company educators will develop, produce and help deliver customized training programs to suit specific needs of its clients, including eLearning, live or virtual instructor-led training courses and social learning programs.

eLearning: Sourced from award-winning content partners, TC can bundle content from an extensive portfolio of thousands of ready-made eLearning courses to form the basis of or supplement existing training initiatives.

Popular Topics include:

  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Project Management (and PDU courses)
  • Professional Development
  • Cyber Security
  • HR Compliance (and PDU courses)
  • Health & Safety
  • Workplace Culture, Mental Health & Stress
  • Return-to-Work/ReBoarding
  • Office Technology/Software Skills


Insights® helps individuals develop their abilities to actively identify with, adapt to and connect with others. Transforming people through self-awareness, the program helps individuals build better interpersonal relationships, work more productively in teams and effectively lead people.

Training Company is an INSIGHTS® partner and certified facilitator.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Training Company (TC) offers clients access to a world-renowned enterprise-level LMS platform. Extremely customizable, clients are offered the same functionality without the huge investments of human resources and money to configure and maintain. Options include both a branded-dashboard or exclusive URL option that can be offered as a fully managed service (outsourced) L&D platform.

Outsourcing your L&D Department, a Fully Managed Service
Training Company (TC) can provide for a fully-outsourced L&D managed service to support long-term, sustainable employee training & development, reducing the need for in-house expertise and capital investment.

Why Choose Training Company?

Check out what our recent clients had to say about Training Company.

“Training Company was instrumental in helping us develop an extensive in-class and online driver education program. Their developers and designers have been quick to respond to all our training needs even when given a rushed timeline. All training materials, including student handbooks, presentations and instructor guides, were outstanding. Our partnership with Training Company has been fantastic and we continue to rely on them for our professional training services.”

AMB Driving School

“Our team at Foresters Financial has been working with the team at Training Company for the past two years. In that time, we have worked to develop a dashboard of targeted learning specific to a group of leaders across Canada, the US and the UK. The Training Company has been a great partner to help improve the skills and abilities of our leaders through the course catalogue, and creating an engaging virtual learning experience. Throughout our work together, all members of the Training Company team have been helpful partners, working with us to achieve our goals.”

Foresters Financial

“Thanks to the Training Company I learned a great deal about the fundamentals of training and the confidence to become a trainer. I’ve grown confident and feel supported to take myself to the next level. These awesome training sessions have provided me with the right tools. I am always so hard on myself, so I really feel this has enabled me to adapt better and tackle complex situations while still staying relatable. This has truly been a positive experience. Thank you for helping me grow.”

TAQ Automotive