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Instructor leg training of employees in toronto office for corporate training session

Top 6 Benefits Of Learning & Development Training

Why Learning & Development Matters To Businesses  Learning and development will always be important. Without it, company growth becomes stagnant and keeping up with competition…

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female manager using bended learning technique to upskill her employee

Blended Learning: Why It’s Important For Upskilling Employees

Blended learning came on the learning and development scene in recent years and has certainly caused a stir. With the perfect mix of online training…

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Employee on laptop dealing with CASTL, Can-SPam and GDRP threats

Cyber Security Training: The What, Why And How

When it comes to the online world, nobody’s data is safe anymore. Cyber security threats are a huge epidemic for companies and could be disastrous…

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empty co-working open concept Canadian office during covid19 in Toronto

How Companies Can Stay Resilient Post-COVID

Right now, companies need to be proactive to build business resilience to ensure their future success.  This is an uncertain time for all and many…

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A project management training course equips professionals with the organization and leadership skills they need to successfully complete projects on time and within budget.

4 Benefits Of Taking A Project Management Training Course

Oftentimes, project management can seem like unnecessary company overhead. After all, can’t you just brief employees on a task and let them do the work? …

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employees back in the office post covid19 in Canada

Post COVID Offices: Transitioning Back After Working Remote

The questions on many people’s minds at the moment are:  What will post-COVID offices look like? Are open-concept offices a thing of the past? Will most companies…

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men communicating in the office after insights discovery canada training

How A Company Can Benefit From Learning Communication Styles

Communication is vital in and outside of the workplace.  But what exactly are the nuances involved in this professional skill and what are the different…

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Woman teaching virtually to canadian classroom during Covid19

Virtual Learning: How Teachers Are Shifting To Virtual Classrooms

As COVID-19 shook the world, many industries had to turn virtual in order to continue working: this included education. Schools across Canada and the rest…

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Woman working from home and sitting at her desk with laptop in canada using a Learning Management System for corporate training

Working Remotely: How Is Your Business Managing Communication & Conflict?

Why Is Workplace Culture Important Even When Remote?  Workplace culture has always been an integral part of an organization but it is an increasing challenge…

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Working remotely challenges on a zoom call with colleagues and clients

How To Keep Your Team Productive While Working Remotely

Whether it was something that had been planned or not, many businesses have been put in the position of trying to keep their employees engaged…

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