How The Insights® Discovery Tool Can Help Improve Workplace Communication

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Communication in the workplace is a necessity on a daily basis. How can you make sure that it’s effective? Tools such as Insights® Discovery improves an individual’s understanding of themselves and how they communicate with others.

Communication in the workplace is one of the major concerns that most business owners come up against. When communication levels are deteriorating, it can have drastic effects on the growth of your business and employees.  

However, there are training tools that leaders can leverage to make sure that the communication skills of their employees and themselves are effective for communicating externally with customers and most importantly, internally with fellow coworkers.  

Below, we walk you through the importance of communication skills in the workplace and how the Insights® Discovery tool can help you reach your goals.  

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Communications Going From Bad To Worse? Why This Needs To Stop

We’ve all experienced bad communication in the work environment. Whether it was coming out of a meeting and not knowing what should be done next. Or, an employee misunderstanding the task that you gave them.  

Effective communication is a nuanced skill and isn’t always inherently learned. In fact, it is one of the top professional skills that leaders, managers and employees alike need to cultivate on a daily basis. Communicating with others is more than just conveying a message through words. The dynamics of communication involve listening skills and knowledge of verbal and non-verbal styles.  

The trouble is that nowadays the preferred medium of communication in the workplace is email or platforms like Slack. As we know, written forms of communication can so easily get misinterpreted. As more and more companies are now working remotely, it is imperative that business owners provide opportunities for their employees to improve their professional communication skills.  

If you believe that the levels of communication in your organization are becoming worse or have lost the aspect of human connection, this needs to stop. Without immediate intervention, you are putting your business at risk of losing great talent and ultimately, harming your business’ bottom line. 

The Importance Of Getting Communication Right In The Workplace 

Workplace communication is important for a company’s growth and success. Without it, employees can become lost and begin working in silos without a clear direction. Projects won’t get completed on time and even worse, employees will become frustrated and disengaged due to lack of communication from management.  

According to statistics, 57% of employees report not being given clear directions in the work environment. While 69% of managers report not being comfortable communicating with employees in general.  

When you get communication right in the workplace, your company will notice a number of benefits including:  

  • Improved innovation: An organization that displays great communication skills is more likely to be innovative. The reason for this is when employees feel that they can openly share their ideas without judgement or ridicule, there are more opportunities for companies to improve their services and internal procedures.  
  • Supported growth: Company growth is dependent on effective communication. When practiced correctly, it allows employees to ensure that tasks are completed on time and improves customer service.  
  • Increased employee engagement: Your internal communications have a great impact on how employees feel about your company. Employees’ thoughts and suggestions matter. So, focusing on internal communications and listening can help make your staff feel more valued.  
  • Eliminates email overload: Email is often used for everything including information requests and task assignments. Businesses that use other means and modern tools for employee communication avoid the issue of email and information overload.  
  • Creates a positive workplace culture: Companies that communicate in an open and transparent way have a much healthier workplace atmosphere which increases employee motivation and satisfaction.  
Insights Discover Team Colours

What Is Insights® Discovery And How Can It Help?  

Insights® Discovery is a tool that can help your company get its internal communication flow back on track and perform better than ever.  

Insights® Discovery is a psychometric tool that was developed from the learnings and psychology of Carl Jung. As a workplace tool, it has stood out among the rest for its effectiveness in improving how we communicate with one another.  

It does this by assessing each individual’s personalities and how that affects their verbal and communication styles.  

Employees will be asked a number of questions that cover their preferences and behaviours in both their workplace and personal environments. Based on their answers, the tool then creates a colour model that visually maps out an individual’s personality type. This visual colour map informs an employee how their personality impacts their management style, communication abilities and the value they bring to an organization.  

Every person has their own way of communicating, and each person has an individual way that they want to be communicated with. By acknowledging this and being more mindful of the ways in which you communicate messages to others, your company can make a huge improvement when it comes to workplace communication.    

It is important to recognize that it’s not just employees who benefit from this tool but also leaders. All individuals in a business, whether the CEO or an intern, can gain valuable insights from understanding how their own personality type affects many everyday interactions in the work environment. Knowing this information then equips you with the skills you need to adapt to various communication styles.  

Utilizing Training Plans To Improve Workplace Communication Skills

Many professional training courses that are centered around improving leadership skills and workplace communication now use the Insights® Discovery tool to help participants get a better understanding of who they are as a person and how to communicate effectively with others.  

As communication is the cornerstone of an engaged and effective workplace, adopting assessment tools such as Insights® Discovery as part of your annual employee training plan will go a long way in helping all aspects of your business. If you want to improve how you and your employees connect with each other and move towards a more engaged workforce, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you devise an employee training plan to suit your needs.