Transforming individuals through self-awareness; empowering the development of team performance.

Insights® is popular with organizations seeking to enhance team effectiveness and business results. Insights® can also help integrate new teams; develop valuable client-facing, customer service and sales skills; create a stronger sense of the value of diversity.

A powerful team-building and leadership development program that will greatly improve individual communications skills, create a more collaborative culture and enhance overall team effectiveness.

INSIGHTS® helps individuals develop their abilities to actively identify with, adapt to and connect with others. Transforming people through self-awareness,

the program helps individuals build better interpersonal relationships, work more productively in teams and effectively lead people.

INSIGHTS® is delivered in over 55 countries; Training Company is an INSIGHTS® partner and certified facilitator.







What is INSIGHTS®?

Insights® Discovery is a psychometric tool based on Jungian psychology, using Personal Profiles and a language of colour, to help people better understand themselves and others. The colour wheel creates common language to identify strengths and address weaknesses. More than simply an assessment, instructor-led training introduces the tools and builds foundation for more effective collaboration and enhanced team performance.

As part of the Insights® journey, the Insights® Discovery Personal Profile is foundational.It helps explain how we prefer to think and act. Using that knowledge, individuals can build better relationships and collaborate more effectively.


The program involves 3 key components:



1. Pre-Survey: An individual online survey that results in the INSIGHTS® Personal Profile


Insights Personal Profile

A report (20-page) that will reflect an individual's communication style, approach to work and blind spots


Instructor-Led Sessions

A series of sessions (4 hours) that will use the language of the 4 colour energies to describe preferences in self and others and how to actively adapt and connect with others, improving interpersonal relationships.

Hear from 3M Executives on the benifits insights® has brought to their global organization.

Want to Learn More?

For more details about INSIGHTS® Discovery, either its Corporate (Group) or Individual (Open) programs or pricing, please contact Sales & Customer Success, 800-915-8583

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  • 360 Degrees for Leaders
  • For more information or to learn about various Insights® program options, please contact us