Employee training on a laptop With the Canada-Ontario Job Grant

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant: What Is It?

If you are a small to medium-sized business, you don’t have to let the cost of training courses hold yourself and your employees back. There…

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Office full of people at desks learning about health and safety

How To Eliminate Workplace Hazards With Effective Health & Safety Training

When you think of health and safety, you start visualizing a construction site. A place where workers have to wear safety equipment while operating dangerous…

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Man sneezes. Is sneezing a symptom of COVID?

What To Do If A Canadian Employee Has COVID-19 Or Symptoms?

The Coronavirus pandemic shone a light on the importance of protecting the health and safety of your employees. As the world is now beginning to…

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The skills needed to be a great leader starts with a great learning and development plan

Do You Have The Leadership Skills To Be A Great Leader?

Learning To Lead: Do You Have The Right Qualities?  Not everyone is a natural-born leader; in fact, very few people are. Most great leaders have…

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Woman taking corporate training course

Top L&D Trends In The Training Industry

What is L&D? L&D stands for Learning and Development.  Large companies have entire departments and invest millions into their employees through L&D programs. It is…

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Two women in HR working side by side on Learning & Development plans

Why Time Is Of The Essence For Human Resources Training

Does Your Team Have The Essential Human Resources Skills They Need?  Companies should never undervalue the importance of keeping their employees upskilled.  Your human resources…

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A sales training course is a great way to improve your employees' sales skills

5 Ways A Sales Training Course Will Boost Business Success

Anyone who has ever worked in any kind of sales-oriented position knows that there are many skills that contribute to overall sales ability. Conversation and…

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When a crisis hits, all leaders should have the skill set to help navigate their team in the right direction. But many companies are still overlooking this vital leadership skill.

Crisis Management: An Imperative Leadership Skill

Many CEOs and managers across the world are currently having their crisis management skills tested in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While this is certainly…

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Using great communication skills makes you a successful leader and is the key to effective leadership

Effective Leadership Is Dependent On Great Communication Skills In Times Of Crisis

Without Communication, There Is No Effective Leadership  The world is currently in a state of standstill. Recent events with the Coronavirus pandemic have placed everyone in an uncertain position. With…

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eLearning while working from home during COVID-19

Online Training: Why Now Is A Good Time To Invest In eLearning

Any time is a good time to invest in online training solutions for your business. Right now, this investment could be a crucial element to…

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