Professional Development

Employee training on a laptop With the Canada-Ontario Job Grant

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant: What Is It?

If you are a small to medium-sized business, you don’t have to let the cost of training courses hold yourself and your employees back. There…

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Instructor leg training of employees in toronto office for corporate training session

Top 6 Benefits Of Learning & Development Training

Why Learning & Development Matters To Businesses  Learning and development will always be important. Without it, company growth becomes stagnant and keeping up with competition…

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female manager using bended learning technique to upskill her employee

Blended Learning: Why It’s Important For Upskilling Employees

Blended learning came on the learning and development scene in recent years and has certainly caused a stir. With the perfect mix of online training…

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men communicating in the office after insights discovery canada training

How A Company Can Benefit From Learning Communication Styles

Communication is vital in and outside of the workplace.  But what exactly are the nuances involved in this professional skill and what are the different…

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The skills needed to be a great leader starts with a great learning and development plan

Do You Have The Leadership Skills To Be A Great Leader?

Learning To Lead: Do You Have The Right Qualities?  Not everyone is a natural-born leader; in fact, very few people are. Most great leaders have…

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Two women in HR working side by side on Learning & Development plans

Why Time Is Of The Essence For Human Resources Training

Does Your Team Have The Essential Human Resources Skills They Need?  Companies should never undervalue the importance of keeping their employees upskilled.  Your human resources…

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A sales training course is a great way to improve your employees' sales skills

5 Ways A Sales Training Course Will Boost Business Success

Anyone who has ever worked in any kind of sales-oriented position knows that there are many skills that contribute to overall sales ability. Conversation and…

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The Importance Of Continuous Learning: Keeping Your Staff UpSkilled

Upskilling Your Teams: The Importance Of Continuous Learning Employee development shouldn’t stop as soon as your company hires on new talent. And it certainly shouldn’t…

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