Cyber Security Training: The What, Why And How

Employee on laptop dealing with CASTL, Can-SPam and GDRP threats

When it comes to the online world, nobody’s data is safe anymore. Cyber security threats are a huge epidemic for companies and could be disastrous if your employees don’t have the skills needed to identify and mitigate risks.  

So, how well can you say your employees would fair against malicious hackers focused on stealing data?  

Below, we discuss what cyber security training is and the importance of providing upskilling opportunities so that your employees can be kept informed and up to date on the risks that working and storing data online present. 

What Is Cyber Security Training?  

First off, let’s define exactly what cyber security is. It refers to the processes and actions needed to protect and recover networks, programs and devices from cyber attacks, i.e. identity theft, malware and ransomware.  

As a form of learning and development training, cybersecurity awareness gives individuals the skills and knowledge they need to understand existing and arising information security issues.  

The goal of a cybersecurity training program is to educate employees on the ways in which a data breach can occur in the workplace. It also examines the risks they should be looking out for and the correct protocol to take in order to respond accordingly.  

Although we as individuals spend the majority of our time interacting with the online world, many people are still naive when it comes to protecting their personal information online. By having a regular employee training program that focuses on improving an employee’s ability to protect themselves and the company while online should be a top priority for leaders.  

Why Your Employees Should Be Kept Up To Date On Cyber Security Awareness 

According to research, almost 52% of data breaches are a result of human error. That’s why it is vital that employees receive continuous education and training on how serious a situation this is not only for themself but also for the organization.  

How can an employee effectively recognize and report a security threat if they don’t have the skills to recognize it in the first place? Well, the answer is they can’t.  

While being safe online does involve a certain degree of common sense, as a company leader you can’t leave it to your employees’ own resources to educate themselves on this matter. No matter how many firewalls or antivirus software programs your company puts in place, when it comes to security threats your employees will always be the weakest link in the chain.  

Additionally, your company faces situations such as changing work patterns on a daily basis. Remote working is a reality for many now thanks to the flexibility and accessibility that cloud computing provides. As more people are accessing sensitive corporate information and files from the comfort of their own homes, this increases the risk of unwelcome attacks.  

It is also important to note that these security threats are relevant to every single industry. Regardless of whether your business operates in retail, finance or internet security. ‘Phishers’ and hackers don’t discriminate when it comes to industry sectors, so all employees that deal with online programs or systems need to how to protect shared data.  

Making online cybersecurity training mandatory and a regular occurrence for your business will create a shared sense of responsibility and accountability among employees and managers alike.  

How To Make Cyber Security Training Fun For Your Business 

Cybersecurity training is an essential part of employee training but it doesn’t have to something that your employees are unwilling to learn about. Thankfully, advances in technology have also improved how learning and development training programs are provided to professionals.  

At the Training Company, we believe that all employee training opportunities, including cybersecurity awareness training, should be provided in accessible, bite-sized and fun methods in order to increase employee engagement and learning retention. That is why we make sure to partner with training content providers such as The Second City Works and Vubiz to delight learners.  

Interested in hearing more about the employee development training courses that we have available? Get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to guide you through a demo of our Learning Management System and help you pick the courses that are right for your organization.