What is Insights Discovery?

Insights Discover is a personality testing tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung. This testing allows individuals to better understand themselves and others. This can have a dramatic effect on interpersonal relationships, within and outside of the office.

insights discover wheel four colour personality types
Team high-fiving as a group

Who is it for?

Insights discovery is for learners of all skill levels to increase self-awareness for the purpose of self-development.

The Benefits of Insights Discovery


  • Understanding your individual preferences
  • Understanding others’ preferences
  • Overcome challenges and conflicts


  • Connect better with colleagues
  • Improve communication
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness 


  • Improve workplace culture 
  • Solve intraoffice conflicts
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales

The Virtual Learning Experience

While we do offer in-class training, the impact of Covid19 has pushed new challenges for teams, including ours. We have adapted quickly and strategically to offer the best virtual training experience through our LMS and Zoom.

Integrated within our LMS

Coaches trained for virtual learning

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Choose Training Company for Insights Discovery

Canadian Training Company is an official insights partner in Toronto Canada

Training Company is an accredited Insights partner in Toronto, Canada. We make professional development and corporate training accessible to SMBs just like yours.

Insights with Training Company


Discovery enables individuals to understand themselves and their colleagues. This leads to more respectful, efficient and constructive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries.

Insights has a fully flexible delivery approach that supports both virtual and in-class delivery.

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woman leading her team with insights discovery communication skills

Team Effectiveness

Highly cohesive teams are seriously committed, work harder, are more satisfied by their work, and experience less intra-team conflict.

Insights can be applied to teams to help them increase self-awareness. We help each team member understand their own personal style, how their colleagues prefer to work, and what that might mean for the team. The learning becomes uniquely personal and applicable, right from the get-go.


Almost 90% of businesses say that leadership is a core organizational problem, but less than 10% of leaders feel capable of providing a solution.

Self-aware leaders are seen as more effective. Being aware of one’s strengths, weaknesses, style, personality and preferences has a significant impact on how leaders behave, interact and are perceived by others. This is because self-aware leaders can consciously influence situations and the atmosphere of the group. 

female manager using bended learning technique to upskill her employee
Working remotely challenges on a zoom call with colleagues and clients

Change Management

Change is inevitable: it is the one constant in business. For your business to be effective your need a team that is agile, adaptable and prepared to take new challenges head-on.

Insights focuses on a people-centric approach to change: We look at each individual and help them identify why and how they react to change. We then build in the resilience needed to cope with inevitable future change. In short, enable your team to switch their minds from reactive to proactive.


The strength of client relationships are the backbone to any organization.

Insights teaches you to recognize other peoples communication preferences. This means that when your staff have the right training, every customer gets an experience that’s bespoke to them.

When a crisis hits, all leaders should have the skill set to help navigate their team in the right direction. But many companies are still overlooking this vital leadership skill.

Discover How Insights Can Help Your Business