Top 6 Benefits Of Learning & Development Training

Instructor leg training of employees in toronto office for corporate training session

Why Learning & Development Matters To Businesses 

Learning and development will always be important. Without it, company growth becomes stagnant and keeping up with competition becomes a lot harder. 

Are you currently assessing how your employees’ skills match up to what is needed for your business to succeed? If so, then you may be realizing the importance of keeping your staff continuously upskilled.  

As we all know, changes and advancements happen every day in various industries. The skills that were needed when you began your career will not be the same as they are today. That’s why providing employees with continuous training opportunities matters in business. 

As the goals for your business grow and change, so should your employee training plan.  

Top Benefits You Will Receive From Learning & Development Training 

Businesses that invest regularly in the learning and development training opportunities provided to employees reap many benefits. 

Not only has continuous learning been proven to increase employee engagement and productivity, but, it has also been linked to an increase in innovation and a decrease in staff turnover.  

Below, we list the top 6 benefits all companies will receive when they investing in learning and development (L&D) training.  


Robust and continuous employee training ensures that employees are consistent in their knowledge and skillset level. When each employee is given the opportunity to upskill and improve their understanding of certain topics, especially company policies, it means that there is an increased chance that employee output will be more efficient and performance levels will be continuously consistent.  

Increased Productivity & Efficiency 

When employees are allowed to either improve on existing skills or build new ones this will inevitably lead to increased productivity levels and efficiency across the board. Offering continuous learning and development courses make sure that employees are always in the position to work to the best of their ability and provides staff with higher competency levels when it comes to procedures and safety practices for daily tasks.  

Reduced In Staff Turnover 

Employees that are engaged are more loyal to their companies. Many professionals in today’s modern workforce look to work for companies that actively invest in their employees. By investing in L&D training programs, your employees will feel more valued and will then feel less inclined to seek career opportunities elsewhere. This leads to a decrease in employee turnover, a decrease in recruitment costs and improved employee retention.

Improved Innovation 

L&D training has been found to encourage creativity among employees. When continuous learning is made a priority in the workplace it means that an employee’s thinking process is always evolving. They are given the skills and tools they need to create effective strategies and innovative ideas. This will boost employee and company performance.  

Recognizes & Addresses Company Weaknesses 

All employees have weaknesses in certain areas in the workplace. Learning and development training aims to help companies recognize and address skillset weaknesses. When you implement a staff development training plan, all employees will be trained to a higher level giving them the same skills and knowledge.  

By improving knowledge levels overall, weak links in the company will be reduced.  

Enhances Company Reputation 

Finally, L&D training enhances your company’s reputation. Having a successful employee training plan in place will make your company more attractive to highly-quality talent and develops your brand as one that invests in the development, growth and progression of its employees.  

Let Training Company Be Your Outsourced L&D Department 

L&D is no longer reserved for massive corporations with massive budgets.

In fact, you company could be eligible for a Canadian grant to fund employee training. Up to 10,000 per employee.

At Training Company, we work closely with small to medium-sized businesses as your outsourced and dedicated L&D department.  We believe that all employees deserve access to professional development and training opportunities.  

Through our fully customizable and curated Learning Management System, your employees can access a database of training content that is customized to your company’s needs. These courses can be offered fully online as eLearning courses or as a mixture of in-person and online training. We facilitate everything. 

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