What Makes A Successful Employee Training Plan?

Are you looking for your employee training plan to be successful? If so, there are a number of necessary steps that need to be taken to ensure that when your employees sit down to upskill, it will be beneficial for them and your business.

An exceptional employee training plan takes more than just investing in a training partner and letting your employees get to work. It also requires some planning on behalf of company leaders and management. A training program will only be successful if it truly impacts and improves those areas of your business that need it most.  

By not detailing how your business will measure the success of employee training, you are already setting it up for failure.  

Goals And Objectives: Why These Are Vital For Your Company Training Plan To Be Successful?  

Your company should always approach employee training with goals and objectives in mind. What exactly do you want your employees and business to gain from each learning and development training module? Do you want your managers to improve their leadership skills? Do you feel that your company could benefit from learning how to communicate more effectively? 

Detailing exactly what skills, goals and objectives that you want to achieve before committing to an employee training program is the first step to ensuring that it will be successful. Once you have decided what a successful training plan for your business will look like, you next need to detail exactly how to measure this success. This could be through tracking employee course progress or by seeing employees of a particular department learning a brand new skill and using it daily as part of their jobs.  

A company training program should first and foremost address exactly what the business needs in terms of upskilling and growth. Knowing exactly which skills are needed and tracking how successful your employees have been in developing those skills is one way to make sure that a training program will be worthwhile.  

Lastly, you must provide employees with a ‘why’ behind each level of training that is decided upon. Doing this will ensure that they also see the benefit and will help to increase employee engagement. When employees are on board with learning and development opportunities, it will increase the success of the program two-fold.  

Founder & Executive Buy-In: Do You Have It?  

A successful employee training plan is also marked by the approval of the company founder and executives. Approval for a learning and development program should happen from the top-down to be effective.  

Whether you are a small business owner looking for buy-in from stakeholders or the head of the HR department looking for approval from the CEO and CFO, for employee training to have a true impact on the business that its benefits need to be seen from all levels. Without the support of each level of the hierarchy of the business, your employees may not receive the full benefits of a training program.  

This is one area where many companies fail when it comes to creating and providing a successful learning and development plan for their employees.  

Successful Training Plans Should Be Relevant

Businesses need to be resilient and agile to change to an always evolving business economy. The same is true for an employee training program. For employees to get the full value of L&D training, then these programs must be agile and relevant.  

Your employees should be provided access to the latest and most current training content and training providers. As we know all too well that business processes are constantly changing as are the skill set needed to do our jobs well. For that reason, having an employee training plan that can adapt to changing training and industry needs  

Why You Need To Plan For Continuous Learning 

Your company’s training program should never be a one and done event. For the upskilling of employees to be successful, you need to plan for continuous learning opportunities. When employees are allowed to upskill at multiple times throughout the year, it ensures that a company can stay agile while also allowing employees to reinforce the skills that they learned post-training.  

Continuous learning ensures that your staff are always improving their productivity levels, their knowledge base and also has been proven to an increase in employee retention.  

The Importance Of Tracking Success And Completion

One of the biggest mistakes that a company can make when implementing a learning and development training program is not tracking or measuring how successful the training is from the employee perspective. 

To understand exactly how beneficial a training plan is, your company should be using tools and platforms such as a learning management system (LMS) to accurately track employee progress and to assess how much value each employee is gaining from training.  An LMS, like The Learning Centre, has in-built user analytics and training quizzes to allow you to visually see how effective each training module is.  

This will allow you to adequately identify any areas of weakness that need to be addressed and also to see just how much value your business is receiving from your dedicated employee training plan.  

Use The Training Company To Develop Your Employee Training Plan

Training Company has been helping many Canadian businesses realize the benefits that can be achieved by implementing a training program that is designed to provide success. We work with you as your dedicated, outsourced L&D department and guide you in the right direction to creating a training program that will offer multiple benefits to your employees while addressing business needs.  

Concerned about the cost of employee training? We can help you apply for government grants that cover up to $10,000 per employee for training. Our aim as a company is to help businesses of all sizes to gain access to affordable, engaging and most of all, successful employee training plans.  

Interested in hearing more? Get in touch with our team today and we’ll be happy to guide you through a demo of our LMS and discuss how we curate the perfect training plan for your employees.