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Health & Safety

How To Eliminate Workplace Hazards With Effective Health & Safety Training

When you think of health and safety, you start visualizing a construction site. A place where workers have to wear safety equipment while operating dangerous…

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety: Why It Is Important For Your Business

Health & safety is an important issue to be aware of and has been a topic discussed and practiced in many environments during our lives.…

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Why Companies Have To Pay More Attention To Their Anti-Harassment Policies And Procedures

Workplace anti-harassment training should always go beyond a compliance necessity. Instead, companies should be approaching this aspect of professional training with the intention of creating…

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Office, employees, team, happy

Compliance Training: What Is It And Why Is It So Important?

Compliance training is the backbone of any successful business. When it’s handled right, it can give employees confidence and offer increased value to customers and…

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Peace-in-Workplace, Calm

Stress In The Workplace: The Damaging Effects It Can Have On Your Employees

A little bit of stress every now and again hurts nobody, right? Well, that might not be the case. In the professional world, dealing with…

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woman working remotely at home on laptop sitting on the floor

5 Most Common Challenges Of Working Remotely

Remote working can be successful for many but doesn’t come without its challenges. Learn about the most common challenges that employees face with remote work.…

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empty co-working open concept Canadian office during covid19 in Toronto

How Companies Can Stay Resilient Post-COVID

Right now, companies need to be proactive to build business resilience to ensure their future success.  This is an uncertain time for all and many…

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employees back in the office post covid19 in Canada

Post COVID Offices: Transitioning Back After Working Remote

The questions on many people’s minds at the moment are:  What will post-COVID offices look like? Are open-concept offices a thing of the past? Will most companies…

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Man sneezes. Is sneezing a symptom of COVID?

What To Do If A Canadian Employee Has COVID-19 Or Symptoms?

The Coronavirus pandemic shone a light on the importance of protecting the health and safety of your employees. As the world is now beginning to…

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